The Swany White Flour Mill was built in the late 1800s by a man named Anton Hoeschen.

There were a few different owners until 1903 when the mill was purchased by Hubert and Peter Thelen. After these two brothers passed away the business was taken over by Walter Thelen, Pete’s son and Jack Thelen, Hubert’s son. Around 1913-1914 the mill was remodeled extensively adding a basement and 3rd story. After Walter Thelen took over he recognized the need for more variety in products and more competitive pricing. Eventually this idea generated the need to expand into the organic and specialty product markets. In 1998 the mill was purchased by Gary Thelen, Walter’s son, who with his wife Sharon are now the current owners. In 1980 the Swany White Flour Mill property was entered into the National Register of Historic Sites. This means it has been recognized by the Federal Government as worthy of preservation for its significance in American history, architecture, engineering, and culture.

On December 27, 2011 the historic Swany White Flour Mill was destroyed by fire. It was a sad day not only for the Thelen Family who ran the mill for over 100 years, but also for the entire community. Swany White Flour Mills was an icon of the Freeport skyline. Since the Swany White name had been around for over 100 years the family decided it wasn’t time to let it die. Construction of the new Swany White Flour Mill began on June 12, 2012.

The new flour mill is now open for business and the Thelens are happy to be back to work.